Learning Support Provision at Hampton School

Individual Education Plans (IEP)

IEPs are developed for all boys with a learning difficulty and issued to Head of Year, Form Tutor, Subject Tutors and parents. The IEP states the strengths and relative weaknesses of the boy, and gives suggested strategies for teaching and learning, including appropriate differentiation.

School Screening for Literacy Difficulties

First and Third Years will take part in a whole School Screening for specific learning difficulties, week beginning 8 October 2012.  The assessment will consist of attainment tests in single-word reading and spelling, reading comprehension, reading speed and writing speed.  Additional screening is recommended if there is a discrepancy between ability, pertaining to the MidYis results, and attainment in literacy. The additional assessment is discreet, taking place at School in a private assessment room with Head of Learning Support, Mrs Susanne Harradine.  A full report with recommendations is provided for parents.

Access Arrangements

Current Fourth Year boys, and above, who require extra time for external examinations and controlled assessment must have had  an Educational/Clinical Assessment  that has taken place during their secondary school career. The Report must state clearly the formal diagnosis, testing results and the access arrangements recommended. Assessments should be updated by the end of the Third Year.  In addition to a formal diagnosis, the School must  provide a history of provision. The percentage of extra time allocated in external examinations will be based on evidence of use of extra time in previous timed assessments in School. The percentage allocation  may vary from subject to subject.  Boys wishing to word process must show evidence of use of word processing in the classroom.

Moving on to University

Boys going to University will require an updated assessment in order to qualify for their access arrangements and DSA Grant (Disability Students Allowance). The Department is able to assist with the paperwork for the grant.

Visiting Educational Psychologist

An Educational Psychologist (EP) from the Dyslexia Action comes into School to carry out formal educational assessments on a regular basis. This makes the process of assessment less stressful and time consuming for all concerned.  The current cost for the assessment is £510. Parents will be able to meet the EP for feedback on the day of the assessment, and this will be followed up with a written report. If you would like to take advantage of this service or require more information, please fill out the following >> reply slip.

Available Specialist Support

There are a number of tuition courses available and aimed to meet your son’s individual needs.
All lessons take place in the Study Skills Unit. The lessons last 40 minutes and operate on a 1/2:1 or group basis. In order to have minimal impact on the curriculum, the timetable is run rotationally/sensitively for First to Third Years, during lunch times for Fourth and Fifth Years, and Sixth Formers attend during free periods. Please return the reply slip if you are interested in any of the options. 

Please return the reply slip if you are interested in any of these options.

Study Skills Club – First to Third Years

Touch Typing, Spelling, and Mind Mapping is available for boys before School from 8.25 to 8.45
a.m. The club takes place in the Study Skills Unit. These sessions are free and available to all boys on the register. However, they are intended to complement your son’s needs and do not replace specialist help. >> Club Activities Reply slip.

Fifth and Sixth Form Drop-in Facility

A drop-in facility is available for Fifth and Sixth Formers, but this does not replace long-term specialist help when required.
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