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Hampton School is proud of its outstanding and vibrant Maths Department. With a staff of 24 teachers who are all passionate about their subject we can help every boy achieve to the best of his ability.

At Hampton we believe the successful teaching of Maths is based on three core principles:
  • Understanding how to write cogent mathematical arguments
  • Technique practice 
  • Learning to problem-solve
We teach boys to excel in all three areas throughout their time at Hampton and have in place a range of programmes that meet the needs of those pupils who require extra support and those who need to be challenged further.

We are fortunate to have teachers who passionate about teaching Mathematics to the highest level and many who have a wealth of experience regarding the Oxford and Cambridge entrance processes.


First - Fifth Year 

In the lower school, differentiation is built into our schemes of work and happens as a matter of course.

Pupils are offered extra support during lunch hour if required, while the strongest mathematicians in each year group are challenged via special extension classes designed to enrich learning rather than accelerate it.

Our young mathematicians are taught how to ‘grapple’ with hard problems, breaking them down and looking at them in different ways.

In the Third Year, the boys are set according to their ability and start the Edexcel IGCSE Higher Level Maths course. About half of Hampton boys take the IGCSE exams at the end of the Fourth Year, and half at the end of the Fifth Year.

Our results are consistently excellent and in recent years over 90% of all boys have achieved an A* grade in Maths.

Boys who sit their IGCSE at the end of the Fourth Year go on to do OCR FSMQ Additional Maths (Add Maths) in the Fifth Year. The Add Maths course is content heavy and the exams are challenging. The top Fifth Year set also study, but do not sit exams in, the A Level module C3.

Throughout the Fourth and Fifth Year, the weekly lesson-time extension classes continue to be offered to those pupils who are able to benefit from this level of teaching. The main focus of these classes is geared towards helping boys prepare for the British Maths Olympiads. To this end, the boys are taught further Number Theory, Combinatorics, Geometry and Algebra. 


More than three quarters of Hampton boys continue studying Maths into the Sixth Form. We offer AS and A2 Level Maths, Further Maths, and Additional Further Maths and we offer standard A Level Maths in all option blocks.

We usually run seven Further Maths sets, the top three of which are geared towards Oxbridge Maths, Engineering and Physics. At the end of the Lower Sixth, boys in the top Further Maths set and some of the boys in the second and third FM sets sit AEA (Advanced Extension Award) Maths as well as their course modules.

In the Sixth Form, Maths extension sessions happen during lunch hour and are open to all comers. The sessions are geared towards the BMO (British Maths Olympiad), the Oxford University MAT (Maths Aptitude Test), graph sketching, and real-world problem solving.

In the Upper Sixth, boys preparing for STEP exams are taught three extra lessons per week.
The Department regularly sends pupils to the ‘Maths in Action’ lectures which take place at the University of London.
The top two sets in the both the Fourth Year and the Lower Sixth attend the GCSE and A Level lectures respectively.

Mathematics Clinic
The weekly Mathematics Clinic is a place where any pupil can go to receive extra help with his current Mathematics work. As well as being staffed by a member of the Mathematics Department, Lower Sixth Further Mathematicians are on hand to offer support.

First Year Maths Morning
In the Summer Term the First Year boys have a morning off timetable to take part in a series of sessions on a Maths theme. In addition to some sessions led by the Maths Department there are a number of sessions from other departments, showing how Maths relates to their subject areas.

Parallel Lions -  The Maths magazine, written and produced by the Maths Appreciation Society

Edition 1 Edition 2
2013 - 14 

Hampton Maths Department launches its own twitter feed  @Hampton_Maths

Senior Maths Team reach the final of the Senior Maths Team Challenge  >> report 

Thankyou to Professor Imre Leader from Cambridge University for his fascinating talk.

Fourth Years were educated and entertained by juggling mathematician, Dr Colin Wright. 

November 2012

United Kingdom Maths Trust
This year Hampton broke all previous records with 10 students progressing to the prestigious Olympiad Round of the UKMT Senior Maths Challenge. Only 800 of the top performers nationwide are invited to take part in the Olympiad having scored highly in the initial multiple choice round. The Olympiad paper is three hours long and is made up of six very demanding questions which require comprehensive and logically structured written answers. Each year Hampton has had students progress to this follow-on round but it is unusual to have so many students progress.


Students enjoy intensive Maths day


Six first year boys were selected to take part in a Gifted and Talented Maths day held by Hollyfield School.  They took part in three sessions where they developed their mathematics skills and worked collaboratively with students from local state schools.  They had the opportunity to develop their team working skills and learnt how to express their mathematical arguments.   It was a very enjoyable day and the boys thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 

June 2012 -

May 2012   -  Hampton mathematicians amongst the best in the country >> report 

April 2012 - Hampton's Junior and Senior Maths teams in 2012 Maths Challenge >> report

February 2012 -  Maths students through to final of UK competition >> report  

Hampton mathematicians gave an excellent performance in the finals of the National Maths Team Challenge ,run by the UK Mathematics Trust. Teams of four pupils from Years 8 and 9 compete in a variety of challenges.
The Hampton team; Aaron Jones, James Cai, Luke Gostelow and Andrew Orr  came 18th out of 96 schools - an impressive result!

Report on reaching the finals >>click here

UKMT Maths Challenge results summary 2007-2013
Senior Maths Challenge (and British Mathematical Olympiads)

Year Candidates Gold Silver Bronze BMO1 BMO2
2007/08 72 15 22 16 2  
2008/09 88 13 22 26 7 3
2009/10 118 12 29 33 6 2
2010/11 102 14 36 26 3 1
2011/12 112 20 39 26 6 3
2012/13 128 48 44 27 10 2
2013/14 125 30 49 39 14  
Intermediate Maths Challenge
Year Candidates Gold Silver Bronze Follow-on rounds
2007/08 99 37 31 21 19
2008/09 135 63 44 19 44
2009/10 150 61 54 25 38
2010/11 161 76 48 23 52
2011/12 146 53 58 25 32
2012/13 143 64 45 24 41
Intermediate Olympiads and Kangaroo qualifiers
Year Olympiad qualifiers Kangaroo qualifiers Olympiad medals Kangaroo merits
2007/08 6 13 2 4
2008/09 11 33 2 7
2009/10 8 30 3 7
2010/11 16 36 4 6
2011/12 9 23 3 3
2012/13 15 26 2 8
Junior Maths Challenge (and Junior Mathematical Olympiad)
Year Candidates Gold Silver Bronze Olympiad Medals
2007/08 189 53 48 46 9 2
2008/09 189 54 63 39 9 2
2009/10 265 60 66 60 2  
2010/11 291 70 78 69 8 1
2011/12 255 54 61 62 6 1
2012/13 239 76 72 55 3 1

Why not have a go at some sample questions yourself?

Hans Woyda Mathematics Quiz

Hampton was a founder member of this quiz in 1978 for schools in the London area, and has taken part every year since. The team of four consists of one pupil from each of the Third Year, Fifth Year, Lower and Upper Sixth.


UK Maths Challenges
Hampton participates fully in these. There are three main versions, depending on the age of the pupil: the Senior Mathematical Challenge for the Sixth Form, the Intermediate Mathematical Challenge for the Middle School, and the Junior Mathematical Challenge for the Junior School. Gold certificates are awarded to the top 6% of entrants nationally, Silver to the next 13% and Bronze to the next 21%

The following tables give a summary of results achieved by Hampton pupils from 2007-2011

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